How do we look after our play surface? – All play surfaces need maintenance!!

Wet Pour rubber type

We offer a cleaning service which involves the application of detergent to neutralise the area from bacteria and then have a specialist cleaning power brush to give the area a deep clean and unblock the pores and make the area less slippery.  This is ideal to have done in the Autumn prior to winter when the area can become very slippery when frozen, this clean will help the surface as well as making it more aesthetically pleasing.

wet pour clean

picture taken during the cleaning process at Sundown Adventureland near Retford who have had 1500m² cleaned in readiness for their busy period, please see the following link and as for a reference

All cleaning works have COSSH sheets and Risk Assessments and are carried out by our fully trained DBS checked operatives.

Needle Punch Type

We provide a brushing and weed spraying service should you wish and we furnish clients with information on how to do this in house if needed, basically it is good housekeeping but some high traffic areas may need re-sanding.

As the surface is sand filled it will provide a growing medium for weeds carried on the wind, these are easily treated either by pulling out or treating with weed killer.

Moss will grow if the area is in shade and again this can be treated by moss killer in the same manner.

We can insert new areas of carpet if it becomes damaged or vandalised as per below –

ecclesafter2New surface installed to existing for Salford City Council at Eccles

Tarmac Type

Again, we provide a spray and brushing service to Tarmac areas such as tennis courts which will become slippery if untreated.

We can provide a painting service of Tennis Courts if required.