We are always asked to undertake maintenance to our installations and these can be carried out in house or we will happily tailor a package to suit your individual need with our specialist machinery and expertise.

Wet pour rubber, Tarmac and Needle punch carpet will all need looking after in some way, shape or form be it spraying for weeds or cleaning using a power brush, please see as follows examples of what we can offer –

Wet Pour

Clean area using specialist detergents then power brush and pressure wash off to neutralise the area from bacteria as well as unblock the rubber and make the area drain better and become less slippery, this process is ideally undertaken prior to winter to make a safer surface during the cold season.  It is affordable and will enhance the useful life of the surface.  We also carry our wet pour repairs.

Needle Punch

This needs weed and moss treating as the sand filled surface is a growing medium but these weeds can be easily moved by this treatment or indeed by pulling up.  We offer a sand fill up and power brush as well.  The surface can be repaired if vandalised or damaged or worn.


Again, weed treat and moss kill plus power brush or pressure wash to remove rubbish and make the surface less slippery.  We can offer a tennis court painting service using our grit paint.