Bingham Ground Services are trained installers of Playground Line Markings, whether you are looking for a new playground hopscotch or ladder or a new playground sports court marking out we can assist.

Playground markings are an inexpensive way of making your playground a brighter and fun area for children to play and learn.  We will happily work with you to create a bespoke playground with all our games, education materials and sports court markings.

School Playground Markings

School playground markingsPlayground HopscotchPlayground ladderthermoplastic line markingsPlayground markings number dragon

The pictures show some of the school playground markings we can install along with plans we can produce for fitness and activity trails on the playground.  These can be installed directly onto tarmac once we have cleaned and removed moisture from the area and are good to use within half an hour of installation.

Thermoplastic playground markings provide a far more durable option than paint and will last 8-10 times as long and are easier to install, these play markings have a non-slip element to them when they get installed.

One of the more recent projects which we provide costs for is the “Daily Mile” where we can install a track way around a playground using playground lines, the Daily Mile is an effective way to ensure that children have a certain amount of exercise.

For more information for your School playground markings please get in touch and we will happily work with you to achieve the playground surface you desire

All works can be undertaken with the Schools time slots in mind so we can avoid play and dinner times and we will work weekends and evenings if local.

All work fully insured and undertaken by DBS cleared and fully trained personnel

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