Bingham Ground Services are specialist contractors in the supply and installation of Tennis Court surfaces be it new build tennis courts or Re-Surfacing of existing tennis courts.

Edna G OldsTennis Court surface

Tennis Re-Surface installed in Lincoln turning an old Asphalt tennis court into a new vibrant sports surface, different colour schemes can add interest to the tennis court surface

Tennis Court Surfaces

Different types of Tennis Court surfaces to consider are as follows –

Needle Punch Tennis Surface – This is our most popular type of sports surface and is ideal for a hard wearing, durable play surface.  It is sand filled and the needle punch fibres lock the sand in place to ensure that the sand doesn’t move as much as on other sports surfaces meaning less maintenance is required.

Tufted Tennis Surface – Again, a popular choice and being sand filled means that the sand will take the majority of the wear rather than the actual tennis playing surface.  This can come in the standard greens and also Terracotta to mimic the clay looking tennis surface.  Higher element of maintenance needed for this type of surface.

We also offer a tennis court maintenance and cleaning service which can work for the more conventional Tarmac type of tennis surface, this includes for routine power brushing maintenance to a full clean of the area with specialist detergents and then power brush, this type of Tennis Court maintenance can prolong the useful life of the tennis court.

We consider ourselves to be specialists in Tennis court construction and Tennis court maintenance and therefore if you require any Tennis Court Re-Surface costs or Tennis Court maintenance costs then please feel free to contact us.

The service we can offer can be simply a phone call or e mail where we can offer no obligation advice or budget quote to a full site visit to run through the exact requirements of the club or school and can aim to work with budget and quality required.